Building monitoring

Expensive paintings in galleries, old scriptures in museums, archives, highly sensitive production plants in clean rooms and sensitive IT systems in server hotels are examples of goods which are worthy of protection. They are at risk from leaked liquids or moisture created by condensation.

At Brandes we have developed the FluidGuard product range for early detection or even prevention of moisture and leaks. It comprises either highly sensitive sensor cables or individual point sensors depending on the location of use. The common feature is a visualisation programme which provides an overview of all the status information and signals fault messages automatically to the building management system.

The electronic monitoring devices are configured individually for the different areas of application and immediately issue an alert in case of leaks and moisture. Art treasures are preserved and costly production downtimes are avoided. Brandes is the market leader by some distance for monitoring technology for data processing centres with the highest possible safety demands, for instance.

The Brandes range covers everything from monitoring modules to networked systems with decentralised measuring units in building and room monitoring.