General information

Liquid leaks on technical plants and in buildings are a potential hazard for the people that work on and in them, for the environment and for the affected plants themselves. There is also a risk of loss of image for the plant operator. At Brandes we have been supplying safety systems for more than 40 years. These systems - our own in-house developments - detect, signal and locate leaks early before any notable damage is caused.


The areas of application are: Above-ground and underground pipelines for the local and district heating industry; pipelines, vessels and tanks for various technical plants and buildings of all kinds.
Brandes monitoring technology is based on resistance location with the highest level of sensitivity and different technical solutions.

The cornerstone of our success is the "Original BRANDES" NiCr sensor technology with its as yet unrivalled measuring accuracy. To round off our range we also supply instrumentation for copper sensor technology.

Our monitoring systems include everything from stand-alone solutions to extensive pipeline networks. The technologies offered all have a high level of automation with central monitoring, control and visualisation in common.

The mission for each of our systems is as follows: Detecting and locating leaks early in order to avoid high repair costs and safeguard availability and total service life.

As the sole complete system supplier we have been setting the standards in the sector for decades, always remaining true to the maxim: the customer should not believe anything which cannot be proven and confirmed.